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I’m Patricia D. Eddy. I’m a published author and professional editor. I believe the best editors are also authors. Why? Because only an author can truly understand what it’s like to receive an edit. I remember my very first professional edit. I sat at my desk feeling like I’d never write again. Luckily, that feeling only lasted a few hours. After that, I couldn’t wait to get started fixing my novel.

I started my editing career more than fifteen years ago with Pearson Technical Education. I’ve worked for Que, Wiley, and Wrox. Ten years ago, I started editing fiction and memoir. I have professional certificates from the University of California at Berkeley and the University of California at San Diego. I’ve also taken several professional development classes at the University of Chicago Graham School.

What others are saying about The Novel Fixer

wow gold for sell

Patricia D. Eddy is my Novel Fixer. I thought editing would be a scary, heart-wrenching, soul-crushing endeavor. But Patricia has become my writing and editing guru. She’s provided helpful developmental feedback, instruction, and how to strengthen language to evoke the strongest emotion, and actually explained what the whole “show, don’t tell” thing actually means. With my best interest at heart, she’s guided me through the editing process with ease. Editing is now my favorite process. I’m excited for her feedback knowing it will only help hone my craft and level-up my writing. I’m able to use the lessons she teaches to build upon, making each book I write better than the last.

Jennifer Senhaji

Patricia edited a chapter I wrote for an international bestselling Kindle book, and I highly recommend her work. She was clear, concise, and ensured that my voice and style were not compromised by the edits she suggested.

She also raised some good points to consider regarding attribution of song lyrics I wanted to reference, and helped me find a safe and satisfactory resolution.

Turnaround was timely and I was overall very grateful for Patricia’s help.

Lorrin Maughan

I trust Patricia’s guidance implicitly. She keeps my characters true to their motivations (and quirks) and has a great sense for adding conflict to help with pacing. I highly recommend her!

Camela Thompson

Her style is easy on the writer; whether it is a simple copy edit, or a more intensive content edit. Her suggestions are clear, insightful, and never infringe on your voice as a writer. I especially appreciate that her edits always challenge me to take my writing to the next level.

A. Tooley